Tasha CoughTasha Cough
Tasha was accepted to art school at the early age of 8 when she passed the stringent turtle-drawing admission test, but her parents kept her back as not to tarnish her childhood with the strain of prodigy. Ten years later, when the age-appropriate time came, Tasha attended Cornell University, where she studied a range of art media, concept and history. She decided on her studio concentration after a professor noted it would be a shame were she not to become a painter. Her college career was highlighted by a semester in Rome, where she executed her first mural in the basement of the Palazzo Massimo. Upon completion of an installation of paintings re-creating the textures of Maine's coast, she graduated with a fine arts degree in 1998. From Ithaca, NY Tasha flew half way around the world to a small college in main land China to teach English and American culture for a year. Justifying her studies at Cornell, she started a drawing studio with the otherwise business oriented students.

Since moving to Boston in 1999, Tasha has had a successful commercial career as a professional decorative painter while continuing to produce beautiful and provocative works of art. Her textured, muraled and metallic walls decorate the homes and businesses of a range of customers from private residential clients in the Boston area to boutiques, restaurants and corporate spaces throughout the country. Her experience working with a wide array of artistic media and extensive training in technique have served her well in meeting the various challenges of faux and decorative painting - as her customers will attest to.

Tasha was born and raised in Bangor, Maine, and makes her home in the Newburyport, MA. When she is not on the job or creating her next piece of art, Tasha is a loan shark. Just kidding. However, she does frequent public houses with dart boards and plays soccer at un-Godly hours. She also suckers friends to attend galleries and studio life drawing session with the promise of free wine. She is very dedicated to her work and is always looking for new clients - particularly wealthy clients who live in exotic places. Whether it be transforming dining room walls into a lush dinner backdrop, creating exposed brick out of drywall or realizing a magical bedroom scene for a child, her mantra is simply "Paint Can".